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Banner Design   Small Office / Home Office Computer Consulting
Having served a select Houston clientele for the last 8 years, Zentek Computer Consulting continues to seek to establish and maintain long term relationships with its clients and their computer systems. These clients include physicians, attorneys, executives, non-profits, and small businesses of every sort. We also serve clients in their home offices. Each client's hardware, software, networking, and Internet needs are different, and it is our goal to understand how their computer system can develop over time to address their needs. 

Banner Design   Training
We see the computer user as an integral part of the computer system and therefore provide to-the-task training as needed for executives and staff. We have experience educating the highest levels of management in the use of their computers.


Netwking   Software and Networking Support
Zentek is a sort of as-needed MIS Dept. for small businesses. We can help you with applications such as Microsoft Office, Quicken or Quickbooks, Internet Explorer or Netscape, Outlook or Outlook Express, as well as software specific to your business. We can also help resolve DSL or cable modem high speed internet access issues including installing routers to allow all computers on the network to access the Internet at high speed. 


Norton Antivi   Anti-virus and Data Backup Support   
An epidemic of viruses continues to plague cyberspace. We help our clients practice safe file interchange and set up automatic live updating to keep your system aware of the latest virus threats. We also help you develop appropriate backup procedures to keep your data safe.


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